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3 Things to Do After Your Check Engine Light Comes On

One of the most feared warning lights on your dashboard is the check engine light. What makes it so stressful is that it is complex to figure out as they can be caused by more than one issue. That is why Eddie’s Northside Sinclair is here to help. We are here to explain exactly what to do when the pesky check engine symbol makes an appearance.

Step One - Check To See If It Is Blinking 

A still or solid check engine light generally signifies a less serious problem than a flashing one. It means there’s no life-or-death emergency, so you don’t need to pull over and call for roadside assistance right away. Whereas, a blinking check engine symbol means you should stop driving and get a tow. Typically, you can continue driving for a short period. But, it is imperative that you have your check engine light problem diagnosed and fixed ASAP. 

Step Two - Check It Yourself

If your check engine light is not flashing, you can do a little investigating on your own. Here are some areas that are easy for you to monitor:

  • Close Gas Cap: One of the most common and simplest check engine light problems is a loose gas cap. Make sure that it is tightly closed everytime you fill up, or else it can trigger the check engine light. If your dashboard warning light doesn’t turn off after tightening it, it could be a cause of another problem.
  • Examine Your Dashboard: Other lights and gauges may help you narrow down the problem. Does the temperature gauge look high? What are your oil levels? How does your battery look?

Step Three - Get Help From a Professional Mechanic

Most of the time, the problem won’t be completely and accurately diagnosed and repaired until you receive professional help. A check engine light triggers a code that is encrypted in your onboard computer. At Eddie’s Northside Sinclair, we have the latest scan tools to help us uncover the message to help point our mechanics in the right direction of the problem. 


Once our team finds the problem, we can figure out which repair solutions are best fit for you and your vehicle. If the check engine light just came on your dashboard, please remember to not panic. On the other hand, you should never ignore the issue.


For all your engine-related services and repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit the experts at Eddie’s Northside Sinclair.

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