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4 Signs Of A Failing Electrical System

The electrical system in your vehicle is responsible for transferring electricity and powering all components and other systems that need electricity. This makes it important, but at the same time prone to damage, especially in newer vehicles. If you want to know some ways to spot an electrical system that is about to fail or malfunction, read along because we will give you four easily noticeable signs.

Dim Interior And Exterior Lights

Having problems with your headlights, or can't see some of the buttons on the central console? Well, this is most certainly a problem related to the electrical system. There are a couple of different things that can go wrong - anything from a bad battery to bad wires - that's why we advise you to have it checked and repaired if needed.

Battery Problems

Electricity comes from your car's battery or passes through it at one point. Therefore, if it is damaged, it can lead to problems. The issue might be improperly grounded or age for example, which lowers the power output or completely cuts it out. Corrosion is also a common cause and can be spotted on exposed battery terminals.

Fuses/Relays Keep Shorting out

If you have changed your fuses/relays time after time and they still continue to malfunction, the problem lies somewhere in the wires or other connected parts. We advise you to have it checked by a professional, so you don't take any second guesses and risk further complications.

Smells Like Something Is Burning

Are you noticing a burnt smell in the interior or even from the outside of your car? If the answer is yes, we recommend shutting down the car and calling a repair shop for towing services and an inspection/repair. We recommend that because that smell comes from a wire or component that is making contact with something or is shorting out and is starting to burn - if that, something, is flammable or close to fuel, it can be very unsafe to drive the car. 

Electrical Repairs at Eddie's Northside Sinclair in Aberdeen, SD!

Notice any of the symptoms above? No problem! At Eddie's Northside Sinclair, we have a solution to all of them and even more serious problems! We invite you to visit  our shop, and we will take a look. We will make sure everything is okay - and if it's not, we will fix it right up.

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