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Common Vehicle Sounds that Indicate Trouble

Common Vehicle Sounds that Indicate Trouble

It's not an unusual thing for a car to produce sound when it's running. The engine may purr and the brake may screech and these are accounted for in the design. But when new strange noises start emanating from your car, it mostly signifies underlying problems. Here are some of those noises. 1. Grinding Noise Grinding can be caused by a couple of things. If you notice grinding noise when driving or idling, it may signify worn-out bearings. If the noise occurs when you're navigating corners, it may be an indicator of a suspension problem or a faulty CV joint. And when you notice the noise while shifting, this may be a pointer of a worn-out clutch. All in all, when you notice grinding noise get your car inspected. 2. Unexpected Loud Bangs If you start experiencing sudden loud bangs coming from your car, it may signify a case of a backfiring engine. This means that the air-fuel mixture is not properly burnt in the engine's combustion chamber and it's escaping to th ... read more

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