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What Are The Signs of a Dirty Fuel Filter?

What Are The Signs of a Dirty Fuel Filter?

Most drivers are unfamiliar with their vehicle's filters, such as the cabin filter and the engine filter. Most don't even know about the fuel filter. You might be thinking, "why does gasoline need to be filtered anyway". In simple terms, it's to protect the engine from harmful dirt, debris, and pollutants that may have collected in your fuel system over time. If these contaminants get into your fuel, they can cause destruction and accelerate wear and tear on your engine parts. If you don't remember the last time you had your fuel filter checked out, here are five warning signs that your fuel filter needs a change: Bad Gas Mileage Check Engine Light On Engine Misfires Hard to Start Vehicle Decrease in Engine Power You should have your fuel filter inspected and changed to keep your car, SUV, or truck running at peak performance. You should have the fuel filter swapped out approximately every 30,000 miles for most automobiles. If you're unsure when you s ... read more

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