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How Often Do Windshield Wipers Need To Be Replaced

Windshield wipers are a necessary safety component for vehicle operation. Faulty wiper blades that don't properly clean or wipe the windshield can damage the windshield and can potentially lead to dangerous situations during different weather conditions. Windshield wipers do not last for a life time and through average usage, blades can get broken down and in need of replacement. Wiper manufacturers recommend that each driver replace their windshield wipers every six to 12 months. Depending on where you live and how often you use the blades this can extend their lifespan to two or three years, however, it really depends on each situation.

When Is The Right Time To Replace Windshield Wipers?

If you go to the mechanic to change your oil they might check your windshield wipers as well but in case they don't, it is always better to check or replace your wiper on a routine schedule. By replacing your wipers before the rainy season you are decreasing the risk of potential danger and properly preparing your car for difficult weather conditions. If you think something might be wrong with your windshield wipers and haven't changed them on a routine base, here are a few more signs that could tell you it's time to replace them.

  • Squeaking or Vibrating: Wiper blades should slide across a wet windshield without squeaking. Squeaking blades could mean there's damaged rubber. On the other hand, if your blades are shaking or vibrating then they are going at an uneven rate and could also have damaged rubber.

  • Leaving Streaks or Spots: Many streaks of water left on the windshield mean the wiper blade is worn down. If whole spots are not being wiped then there is a tear or complete break.

Need To Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

During the dry season, it can be easy to forget about your windshield wipers. However, visibility is important, and not changing your blades regularly can increase your risk of being in an accident. If you need new windshield wipers, our certified technicians invite you to bring your vehicle down to our auto repair shop today!

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