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How to Best Maintain Your Vehicle in the Winter

As the end of the fall season approaches, winter is evident. Cold days and even colder mornings will soon arrive, therefore you and your car have to be ready for them. Here are some tips to maintain your vehicle in the winter.

Coolant and Its Importance

The coolant in your car keeps your engine from overheating or freezing. Liquid in your cooling system transfers heat, but at low temperatures it starts to freeze. That's why it is important to add everything necessary to your cooling system to prepare it for the winter. 


If you still have summer tires on your vehicle in the winter, you are in for a bad ride. Good winter tires provide grip, stability, and make your driving experience much safer. Furthermore, it saves you money because summer tires get hard from the low temperatures and can crack as a result. 

Car Battery

At lower temperatures car batteries tend to lose charge over time. To keep that from happening we advise you to charge your battery at a local service shop, or if needed you can also replace it with a new one.

Oil Change

We strongly suggest that an oil change is performed before every season, and especially before winter, to ensure that your vehicle is running properly. Your vehicle can also have oil leaks during the winter, which are quite common. You can either go to a repair shop near you, or you can top it off yourself, however, we advise you to leave that to the professionals  at the shop.

Check Your Car Brakes

Having good brakes in the winter is vital. It can help you avoid bad situations and unwanted trouble. Before and during the winter you should keep an eye on your brakes, mainly, how they perform. They should be responsive, and you need to make sure that the brake pads and rotors aren’t worn out.

Check Your Lights

During winter, most of the time, visibility on the road isn't all that clear. Even if a single light isn’t working, it can cause complications on the road. All turn signals, fog lights, head, and tail lights should work as intended, not only for your safety, but also for everyone else on the road.

These are some of the most important maintenance tips we can give you. If you have other questions, or would like us to perform any of the services above, call or visit Eddie's Northside Sinclair today.

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