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Must-Know Car Maintenance Tips

Do you want to keep your car running for as long as possible? If you are still reading, the answer is most likely a yes. Continue reading to find out a few must-know car maintenance tips to ensure it will be as efficient and long-lasting as possible.

Change The Filters

The first thing on our list is changing the filters regularly. The reason it is first is that it is commonly overlooked and can improve your vehicle's performance quite a lot. Sometimes an increase of over twenty horsepower can be seen in some vehicles, so make sure to change the air, oil, and fuel filters once in a while.

Keep The Car Clean

Cleaning your car has countless benefits, from making it look better to improving performance. For example, when you clean the wheels, your brakes and suspension also get clean. All of the stuck debris and oil will be removed, resulting in better performance.

Regular Tune-Ups

Tune-ups are commonly overlooked and ignored. Tune-ups involve a thorough inspection of all vital parts and, if needed, replacements and repairs. This will make your car last longer and even increase its performance.


Tires, tires, tires! Make sure your tires are aligned, have good pressure, and most importantly, aren't worn out. Bad tires can cause everything from bad fuel mileage to handling difficulties. That's why visiting a repair shop once in a while is advised because of the effect tires have on your safety.


Inspecting your battery and changing it when needed is a vital part of keeping a car well-maintained. When the battery is empty or has a bad charge, it can lead to shorts and other problems. The best way you can determine when it's time for a new battery is by using the owner's manual!

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