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What are signs of low brake fluid?

Have you been in a car where the brakes weren't working? You may have not even slammed it to "break it" and still wonder why. The cause is most likely very low brake fluid. Let's look at why brake fluid is important and the signs when it's low.

Do vehicles need brake fluids?

Without brake fluid, the vehicle will not brake properly, if at all. This is because without it, the braking components will not work at all. Hydraulic braking systems need the braking fluid to increase the pressure to help stop the car.

When pressure is applied to the brakes, the braking fluid helps the pads and rotors make the vehicle come to a complete stop. All vehicles need braking fluid in order to brake normally.

Signs of low brake fluid

Brake Pads feels loose

When you come to a stop while driving at a higher speed, you should be able to stop your car, and it feels firm on the brakes. However, if it feels loose, it could be low brake fluid. When this happens, you may have a hard time getting your car to come to a complete stop.

When this happens, you do not want to continue driving. You'll need to get to a place where you can finally stop and get the car to an auto shop. It's usually a simple fix of replacing the brake fluids.

Brake Line Damaged

When you slam the brakes quickly, you can accidentally damage the brake lines. When this happens, brake fluid can start leaking out. You may also notice that you won't be able to brake when both the lines are damaged and fluids are leaking. You can prevent brake line damage by not suddenly slamming the brakes and try to brake as normally as you can.


Sometimes the cause of brake fluid being low is leaking somewhere in the braking system. Whatever may be the cause, you'll want to get it checked out before it becomes a problem.

If you believe you have low brake fluid, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Eddie's Northside Sinclair today!

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