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When to Call For Towing Services

For some people, deciding to call for a tow is the last thing they want to do. However, some situations may leave you with no other option than towing. Whereas, some other situations may not be as obvious. Depending on your case, towing can be just the assistance you need in troubling times. Here are some of the common cases where you should call for a tow truck:

Scenario 1 - Empty Gas Tank

Sometimes, you may miscalculate how much further your car can go with the low gas light on. If you are stranded with no fuel left (and can’t get in touch with a friend or family member), feel free to give us a call for some roadside assistance.

Scenario 2 - Flat Tire

Flat tires happen all the time. If you have no clue how to change on or don’t have a spare kit with you, you’re out of luck. You’ll need a towing company to come to the rescue and move your vehicle to a repair shop.

Scenario 3 - Dead Battery

If you can’t start your vehicle after countless attempts, there’s a good chance it is a dead battery. Without jumper cables, you are out of luck. If your loved ones aren’t available to help, you can call for towing assistance. 

Scenario 4 - Car Accident

After an ugly car accident, you will want a tow. If your bumper is falling off, or your car is undrivable, you must haul your vehicle to a trusted collision shop.

Scenario 5 - Lock-Out

Locking your keys in your car can ruin your entire day. Fortunately, you can call roadside assistance to come with the right tools to safely retrieve your car keys.

Now that you understand all the situations that may require you to call a tow truck, don’t hesitate to call Eddie’s Northside Sinclair for superior services and repairs.

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